NetPayout Pocket Reference

And Now We Are Six: A NetPayout Pocket Reference

NetPayout Pocket ReferenceMy six pack. My gang of six. My sixers. My side of a 69. Call em what you want, these are my top six earners, the sites that together bring me hundreds of dollars every month. For my NetPayout faithful, I’ve pulled together a handy little PDF reference guide that explains how to use these six cash cows to maximum financial advantage.

At some point I’ll publish the text of this first edition as a normal blog post, but if you’d like to start earning or increasing your current earnings, grab a copy of My Six Top Earners: A NetPayout Pocket Reference.


5 thoughts on “And Now We Are Six: A NetPayout Pocket Reference

  1. Hey Paul I signed up for the pain relief too, thanks for the heads up. There was a guy called oldbuddy I think was his screen name on Quick Rewards did a video explaining how he navigates QR for the most profit now I can’t find it on there anymore, anyone know how to find it? I really want to earn with Mintvine but I’m not having any luck. They send me emails with survey links and I am right in my email at the time, but no matter how many I click on, it says “you are not qualified for this survey”. Then why send it to me? I filled out all profile surveys except the refer someone, which I don’t plan on doing yet and the business profile ,it will not take my answer that I am retired and don’t work. I sent a messg. in quick help, see what happens. I down loaded your pick six too. I am in four of them. Just need to learn how to work them. Thanks, Al.

    1. Hi Alan- sorry to hear about MintVine. Very frustrating when you keep trying for surveys and cant get accepted? Its a huge tease.. I love FusionCash and Clixsense? but some days Ill try 5 or more surveys and cant get accepted but they sure take my time from me. Sometimes those sites can be fabulous and other times I get so frustrated trying to qualify I have to get out of my chair and take a walk around the room its so aggravating. Remember- go for larger payouts unless its the weekend and your desperate and make sure you exhaust all the sites you use before lowering your payout expectations. Your going to work just as hard trying to get a $.50 study as you will for a $3. I still laugh thinking back when I first started playing around with these sites and id see 2-3 dozen opportunities and id think wow- Ill just take all of them today! wrong.. 1/3rd of your time is spent just trying to get accepted to one. I kid you not I use 2-3 browsers and start several surveys at once – once its clear I qualified for one of them I concentrate on that one. This weekend I should have another much bigger list posted of some more sites I use? each has certain good qualities that make it worth using so hopefully that will give you some more opportunities!

      Pinecone- you have to join Pinecone.. This week they sent me 3 surveys and those invites are always a sure thing with a $3 payout. Really wish more sites would just follow the leader and start doing what they do..

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