surboardI don’t want to bore everyone with a long story, but I think it’s important to understand what drove me into this complex world of making money online, and what inspired me to spend over a year weeding out thousands of scams and garbage just to find the few pearls.  I think if you take anything from this site, the most valuable piece of information is to realize is that I never set out to get rich. It’s not what this is about. Of course, it’s what other bloggers will lead you to believe.  But the truth is, “they” realized how hard it is to actually make money online and quickly started selling bogus, hyped-up information in an attempt to profit from referrals bonuses. Myself? I never had a single referral in over 12 months of doing surveys/studies, various GPT sites. I simply needed some honest income and wanted help paying my bills.

For the past few years I sat at this computer screen looking for a way to make side income.  I found it was almost impossible to make $5 a day. But at this time in my life I had free time, as I couldn’t get much work outside of $10-per-hour painting jobs. I sat at my computer for 15 hours-per-day for a year, earning. Some nights, I never went to bed. Slowly that $5 a day became $10. Then $15. Then $20. One thing became obvious: you can’t get rich doing this, but if you push and keep records and approach it correctly, you CAN make some real money on the internet. Was that worth the trade-off of not having a boss? Of not having to get into my car on frigid mornings and wait in traffic to get to the office, then having to pretend to be happy and congenial for my co-workers? For me, it was. I could sleep in the daytime and work late at night, when my internet connection was lightning-fast and there were no phone calls or emails to distract me. The timing seemed right, and with the country’s shift towards universal health care, the situation I most feared (getting sick and having no health coverage) was not so terrifying, anymore.

To get back to the reason why you’re here… When I started working online, the scams and bogus claims wasted countless months.  The absolute worst sites are the ones that pay huge referrals; so beware, most blogs push these sites relentlessly.  Some of the most glowing, raving reviews are for sites that I walked away from, in some cases letting them keep money I earned just to cut my loses.  I decided I wanted to create a site that told it like it is.  The knowledge I’ve gained can save a stay-at-home Mom who needs $150 a month for diapers, a struggling college student, or even someone making a great salary who just wants extra money for wine or vacations.

There is no hype here, only facts.  Once you get past all the scams, there are some fantastic ways to make hundreds of dollars each month. In fact, you will be SHOCKED at how many ways there are to make money on the net – the net pays 🙂

Below is a quick glimpse at at some of the ways you can make money each month.  The key is to have dozens of options and do as many as you can fit into your daily routine.  It all adds up, and the variety can keep it interesting.

  • Amazon Turk
  • Paid survey sites
  • Watching videos (various sites)
  • Listening to radio and paid to search internet
  • Market studies and focus groups
  • Product testing (on location)
  • In-home/online product testing
  • Paid-to-click ads
  • Assorted tasks from GPT sites
  • Posting on forums (such as reddit)
  • Apps on your smart phone
  • Paid-to-call phone surveys

I uncovered a really interesting world that exists online.  I’m here to share my story: I’m surviving, and I’m doing it on my own terms. I don’t have to lie or cheat, have a boss looking over my shoulder, or punch a time clock. I go to sleep each night knowing I made an honest buck and that I’m self-sufficient.


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